Engineer Your Bioengineering Minor: Human Physiology

Bioengineering resides at the interface of engineering and the natural sciences, and a thorough knowledge of both is essential for innovation and problem solving in the discipline. A bioengineering minor is a great way to complement your primary major.

Advising, Key-Details, and Example 4-Year Plan

Please contact the Department of Human Physiology Major Advising for most questions about course selection and scheduling. For questions related specifically to bioenginnering courses, please contact

Key details for HPHY majors:

  • Complete the Fundamentals of Bioengineering series (BIOE 251, 252, 253)
    • MATH 251 is a prerequisite for BIOE 251, HPHY majors should complete MATH 251, not MATH 246
    • PHYS 251 is a corequisite for BIOE 251, BI majors should select the PHYS 251 series
  • Complete 12 credits of upper-division electives
    • At least 4 credits must be BIOE subject code
    • Up to 8 credits from HPHY electives may count towards both your HPHY major and the bioengineering minor, see the list below
    • BI 320, BI 322, BI 358, BI 360, CH 360, and CH 462 may all count towards both HPHY List A electives and the bioengineering minor

Please see this example 4-year plan that integrates the bioengineering minor into your HPHY major.

BIOE minor interdisciplinary electives

Up to eight credits from this list may be applied towards the upper-division bioengineering minor requirement. Courses used to complete a student’s major core requirements may not be applied towards the bioengineering minor elective requirement.

Human Physiology:

  • HPHY 362. Tissue Injury and Repair. 4 Credits. Prereq: HPHY 323, HPHY 324. Must be passed with grades of C or better.
  • HPHY 381. Biomechanics. 4 Credits. Prereq: HPHY 323, PHYS 201. Must be passed with grades of C or better.
  • HPHY 432. Neural Development. 4 Credits. Prereq: HPHY 323, HPHY 324. Must be passed with grades of C or better.
  • HPHY 436. Clinical Neuroscience. 4 Credits. Prereq: HPHY 323 and 324 with a C or better.

Click here for a full-set of interdisciplinary electives, including courses in biology, chemistry and biochemistry, human physiology, and physics.