Key Details for Biology Majors

Advising and Key-Details

The Biology Advising Center can answer most questions about course selection and scheduling. For questions related specifically to bioengineering courses, please contact

Key details for all biology majors:

  • Complete the Fundamentals of Bioengineering series (BIOE 251, 252, 253)
    • MATH 251 is a prerequisite for BIOE 251
    • MATH 252 is a prerequisite for BIOE 252 and BIOE 253
  • Complete 12 credits of upper-division electives
    • At least 4 credits must be BIOE subject code
    • Up to 8 credits from BI electives may count towards both your BI major and the bioengineering minor
    • CH 360 or CH 461 is not required for the BI major, but is a common requirement for med school and counts as a bioengineering minor elective
    • BI 320 is a BI elective that is a common requirement for med school AND counts towards your bioengineering elective requirement

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